BRIEF Design and create a mobile app and prototype for the requested brief from Unilever. The app provide accessible solutions for those living in environments where access to basic resources is difficult. 

GOAL Create an app is both an interactive encyclopedia and a discussion board that displays content relevant to the region of the app owner. Implement a user-centered process to design and refine an intuitive mobile application.

FINAL PRODUCT Umendi is an app for Unilever, a global consumer goods company. This app provides sustainable and frugal solutions for those living in an environment where access to basic resources, such as medicine and clean water, is difficult. People can post questions or publish their own solutions (like using baking soda and water as makeshift shampoo) and these solutions can be endorsed and approved for use by Red Cross leaders, medical advisors, etc. Organizations like Red Cross, CDC, and Unicef can also post vaccination and medical related updates within the app so owners can plan to save up/visit shelters for vaccines. Users will be able to view any medical documents that are needed for community medical events. In the settings, users can adjust language, region, and they can enable text messages that alert the user of reminders and notifications for checkups or popular topics for the region.

Final prototype was an HTML/CSS website implementing a click-thru made in Adobe Fireworks. Users could click on mobile touch-points to get an idea of how users would navigate thru this mobile app.

Process Book