Registration signage.

Presentation templates for sponsors, Spiceworkers, and other speakers.

SpiceWorld goers were invited to mark up this mural by sharing where they were from, their story, pop culture humor, and their SpiceWorld experience.

Conference rooms in SpiceWorld London were named after different spices and divided by the three SpiceWorld colors: orange, green, and blue.

Pictured Left: Sponsor table-signs. Pictured Right: Signs held by Spiceworkers were used to direct convention goers.

A variety of pop-up signs were used to direct people to different pick ups, rooms, and room schedules. 

Once event goers picked up their badge, they also picked up their 'Passport to Prizes' to collect stamps from different vendors. Once all stamps were collected, passports could be entered into a raffle to win prizes.

These are a couple samples from two of several mobile ad campaigns for SpiceWorld.

Image for Facebook ad. 

Signage like the above for contest winners, charging stations, directionals, and other events could be found throughout the convention sites.

I worked on iconography for the event app service, and made sure to incorporate the monochromatic styling as seen in the other illustrations throughout the convention branding. Additionally, I also worked on the monochromatic banners that appeared below the navigation bar in the app.


SpiceWorkers (employees and volunteers of SpiceWorld) wore these light-up Spicebuddy pins to further display that they were the people to come to with questions or help navigating the convention.


SpiceWorld is Spiceworks' bi-annual tech conference, held in London and Austin! During my time at Spiceworks I had the opportunity to dive into signage, environmental graphics, menus and digital graphics for a variety of platforms.

*Photography: Spiceworks