The illustrations above were created for an article themed around network building in terms of stacking legos. I created the illustrations and charts for the finalized article and provided some direction in how it should be developed since this would be an article formatted like a Spiceworks report.

The full report would look like this

This was part of a small series of illustrations I worked on for an email campaign that awarded IT Pros and Spiceheads with downloadable wallpapers for 'Bonus Day.'


These are a couple of my contributions to Spiceworks' iconography using their updated illustration style.


I worked on several mobile ad series for tech marketing, Voice of IT, Network Monitor, and Daily Challenge and Spiceworld during my time at Spiceworks. Pictured above are a few of my favorites:


These patterns were created as backgrounds for headers in "Tech Event" emails.


This was created as a banner for an email template for introducing corresponding sales teams to each other.



During my time at Spiceworks, I helped the creative department on a number of digital ads, newsletter illustrations, email assets, and other various design needs. Here are a few examples: