Illustrations on the sides of the box indicated the shape of the glass container and the type of plant that came with the kit. 

Each terrarium kit came with a glass container (vessel), sand and rocks (sediments), an air plant (flora), and water mixed with plant solution 

Below are the illustrations I incorporated on the lids of the boxes. Different colors signified different terrarium products. 


BRIEF Develop branding and packaging for a terrarium kit and accompanying point-of-purchase display. 

GOAL Design colorful packaging for Sanctum using an organic treatment of graphics. Brand will cater to a broad age range of people interested in biology and the DIY movement. Display should draw attention and communicate the persona of the brand in a retail environment.

FINAL PRODUCT Sanctum is a packaged terrarium kit that includes plant feed solution, an air plant, sand, colored sand, rocks and a glass container (shape is indicated on the side of the box). This retail display is a terrarium hanging above a combed zen garden that's small enough to fit on a cashier counter. It's flat and rectangular structure lends itself to other flat surfaces and can interact with the packaged product itself. 

Process Book