BRIEF Through collaboration, design a digital interactive data visualization solution. Figure out what interactive presentation and comparison of data would be of interest and use to a certain audience and what visualization methods and patterns will best communicate and organize this data. This solution can be experienced in the context of a product, service, or environmental design. 

GOAL Create a digital index of plants which you can browse or search by specific criteria. Plants are organized by type and can be searched by an extensive list of characteristics. This app contains an easy-to-use interactive section used to compare growing conditions (e.g. sun exposure, USDA zone, and watering needs); cultivation requirements; flower color; leaf shape; autumn foliage color; wildlife benefits; resistance to deer; and by season. The gardening app is for iPad users who want to make and organize their own plant lists, history, and garden data.

FINAL PRODUCT MyGarden is a garden planning and landscaping app for both the novice and experienced gardener. Users can use this app to plot their gardens and for research on plants as it also serves as a botanical encyclopedia. App was designed with project partner, Leah Bradford.


Process Book