BRIEF Demonstrate how research informs the design process to generate innovation by forming and recording a foundational base of audience research in order to determine the characteristics, products, and packaging of a new brand responding to specific problems or opportunities within an identified target demographic. This research will identify possibilities as well as necessary constraints. Develop a graphic language of elements to communicate the charisma of a brand to a target demographic.  

GOAL Target audience is young women from the ages of about 16-25. In going forward with research for my demographic, I thought about girls similar to my sister and our friends. These women hold nostalgia for stories and fairytales of their childhood. Successful shows and their resulting franchises today incorporate mythology and the supernatural (see rise in popularity for series like Twilight, Trueblood, Vampire Diaries etc) and it makes sense that a makeup line incorporating vampy concepts would be successful as well. This makeup line will incorporate a dramatic, vintage and playful visual language.

FINAL PRODUCT Monstra is a fun make-up line with an underlying monster and villainess theme. Each illustration is created with actual makeup to indicate the shade and color of the product in the box. On the inside of each container is a pattern created from a collage of vintage sci-fi and horror posters. Boxes with large enough facets include excerpts from poems such as Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath and Lady Lillith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Process Book