I used 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as an example book subscription. Items were wrapped in brown paper with selected quotes from the book printed on the front. 

I used 1,001 Arabian Nights as my second example book subscription. Same as with the 20,000 Leagues example, items were wrapped with brown paper with selected quotes printed on the front. 

Inkhorn Prospectors

BRIEF Create a set of graphic elements that illustrate a specific narrative for a literary subscription service. Incorporate graphic elements throughout a variety of different print collaterals to create a cohesive system and brand. 

GOAL Create product packaging for a subscription service that matches artifacts found by "urban treasure hunters" with typographic packaging, treats, and literary classics. The container or box itself will also match the literary theme of the package customers receive. Product packaging includes shipping collateral, box tags, book vouchers, item lists, and typographic wrapping paper.

FINAL PRODUCT Inkhorn Prospectors is a subscription service that partners with urban treasure hunters to create unique packages. Customers receive packages containing chocolate, tea, and interesting objects that follow themes of literary classics. The treasure hunters, otherwise known as the 'Prospectors,' receive vouchers that can be redeemed at bookstores.